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Overcoming the challenge of open courts and closed data

Imagine trying to write a story with only a partial alphabet. Or trying to write a song with access to just a few notes. It’s the same with legal data – the more you can access, the more you can do. Through a unique member and collaborator model, LIDI lowers legal data access barriers in Canada and facilitates innovation on an unprecedented scale.

LIDI Innovation Projects

LIDI partners bring a world of creative talent to pressing justice and technology challenges and opportunities. Together, we seek to make the administration of justice more transparent and less costly, the attainment of justice more accessible to more people, and the protection of personal privacy more robust for citizens.

The LIDI Data Trust

LIDI operates as a steward of public, but sensitive court and tribunal rulings and other legal data. Through advanced data platforms and other technical and contractual means, LIDI takes extensive measures to ensure members and collaborators engage with the data in a manner that respects the expectations of courts and privacy officials.

LIDI members

LIDI members fund the LIDI mission to expand the amount of open court legal data available in an “innovation ready” format. Coming from many corners of legal, technology and public interest communities, LIDI members engage with the data to pursue internal efficiencies and opportunities, as well as public interest and non-commercial uses.

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LIDI Research and Development Partners

LIDI collaborates with public and private sector entities to advance public interest objectives in 4 key areas: 1) protection of personal privacy; 2) data clean-up and normalization to accelerate innovation; 3) development of free public legal apps; and 4) advancing French language access to justice, innovation and legal artificial intelligence.

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LIDI advisors

Innovative use of legal data carries risk and potential beyond any single challenge or opportunity. It naturally follows that effective stewardship and support means that LIDI should rely on insight and guidance from a wide array of sources. LIDI is grateful to the expert advisors that bring justice innovation, advanced data science, ethical/responsible AI, privacy and commercial experience to its mission.

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Access to Justice is Access to Information

Access to justice is not only access to a courthouse, is not only access to a judge; it's also access to information. Access to justice is access to information. Rt. Hon. Richard Wagner, P.C., Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada This quote comes from a...