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LIDI believes in the power of data.

LIDI believes in the power of collaboration.

LIDI believes in bringing the power of many to meet the interests of all.

Balancing Open Court and Personal Privacy

To achieve balance in the print era, courts relied on “practical obscurity”. The current era of data mining, legal analytics and artificial intelligence holds both promise and peril, and the importance of protecting both open courts and personal privacy is greater than ever. Read on to learn how LIDI is tackling this challenge.

Advancing Access to Justice

Preserving and pursuing rights in the justice system is complex, expensive and often beyond the reach of those most in need. Technology-supported efforts frequently part some part of public interest and commercial efforts to advance access to justice. LIDI members and collaborators can help.

Advancing Legal Tech

There is a direct correlation between the accessibility of legal data in a country and the scale, scope and potential contributions of legal data innovation in that country. If the barriers to access are too high, the effort deemed too great, and the payoff deemed too little, then the opportunity for advancement is lost. LIDI lowers the barriers and changes the equation.

Advancing NLP

Natural Language Processing, a category of artificial intelligence focused on machine learning models that seek to understand human language, needs legal data to advance. It’s true! Read on to learn why and to learn what LIDI is doing in legal NLP.

How courts and tribunals can help

The LIDI Data Trust is starting with an extensive, up-to-date and editorially enriched (headnotes, topic digests and key numbers) collection supplied by Compass. LIDI will work with courts and tribunals to expand the LIDI Data Trust and return all enrichments to the courts and tribunals to accelerate their own innovation efforts.

How to support the LIDI

The Legal Innovation Data Institute operates as a Canadian incorporated not-for-profit business. It is funded by members and others that support its mission, which includes advancing public interest, open resources, academic research and the initiatives of justice-focused non-profits. There are many ways you can help!!


Annual LIDI membership is open to all – non-profits, universities, law firms, courts, governments, corporate legal departments, publishers, technology companies and more. Contact us for details on cost, member benefits, data usage rights and limitations


Full membership is out-of-reach for some groups, individuals and startups. In these circumstances, LIDI would still like to enable short-term access to these innovators and researchers and with your help, we can. Talk to us about our sponsorship opportunities starting at $5,500.


LIDI pursues a range of research and development collaborations under arrangements where each partner bears its own costs, and where some or all of the collaboration is grant-supported. Key eligibility requirement is the initiative must create a significant public benefit, support a direct need of LIDI’s operations or contribute in an exceptional way to LIDI’s mission. Does your organization have an idea? Propose a collaboration.


We are seeking one additional advisor, and up to 10 panel members. Interested? Contact us to discuss.

  1. Court expert – ideally a former or retired registrar or chief legal officer of a Canadian court or major Canadian tribunal
  2. Public interest / A2J advocate panel members (5)
  3. Student innovation panel members (5)